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February 19, 2013

Review #3 : The Ring and Dowry

Bismillahirahmanirahim. As all known, in Malaysia, some of the states had been specify the amount of dowry. As for my place, it is RM300 but MIS added it to became RM311 just followed my birth date *touched*. For the initial, he gave me a plain, simple gold ring as requested by me since I don't like to wear rings and golds. I feel insecure wearing a lot or many golds, quite dangerous nowadays.

As for MIS, he did not want any since in Islam is totally forbidden for men to wear it gold ring. Perhaps, Insya Allah I will replaced it with silver or stainless steel after this.

Dowry is a MUST from the husband for his wife

Just like me, simple =)

p/s : All the captures during the ceremony are in the video I published before. Check it out.

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