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February 21, 2013

Review #4 : Hantaran

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Hantaran or gifts that exchanges between the bride and groom according to Malay's culture. Normally they will give in odd numbers. It may contain foods, clothes and etc.

At first we decided 5 by 7, yet since few aunts want to sponsored, it became 7 by 11. Quite a big number for me but I like it because most of it are foods that can shared with others. That is one of the reasons of marriage; sharing and family.

Here are the list of our hantaran;

From MIS to me :-

 Dowry and ring

 Tepak Sirih


 Book (Srikandi-Srikandi Yang Benar)

Handmade Chocolate

Chocolate Buttercream Cake


 Full view

From me to MIS :-

Book (Meraih Cinta di Langit Syurga)


Kain Pelikat





Body Care Set


Tepak Sirih

Red Velvet Fondue Cake

 Full view

p/s : All the captures during the ceremony are in the video I published before. Check it out.

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