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February 16, 2013

Review #2 : The Attire and Appearance


As to continue the previous review, here I want to share about what both of us wear during the solemnization.

MIS had bought a pair of embroidery Baju Melayu in antique gold colour at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman as there is one of the easier place to find it. For the head-ware, he just choose a plain black songkok and attached it with brooch. Last but not least, shoes. He bought black simple black shoes so that he can wear it during any occasion at varsity. Not forgetting, the samping in white colour and embroider with gold threads.

My Imaam and his bestfriend

Bismillah, arrived at the house

Alhamdulillah, recited doa by himself for ours

As for me, I also bought fabrics in gold colour from one of the boutique at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and send it to one of the tailor there too. It is a two pieces clothes in maxi dress type. I matched it with my own headscarf in the three tones colour and a veil that I rent from the tailor. Shoes..? One of my old favourite white heels.  Oh for my look, I just done it myself with the helped one of my BFF, a simple one. No fake eyelashes since it is forbidden in Islam. The henna I just wore the tube type, Rani if I'm not mistaken.

Been bullied with my cousin cum the photographer

Changed the way of wearing scarf from the normal one (Thanks BFFs)

Henna that I'd wore three days before Solemnization (Love the colour)

Full looks of our outfits

Til then. Another review Insya Allah will appear later.

p/s : All the captures during the ceremony are in the video I published before. Check it out.

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