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February 14, 2013

Review #1 : Journey of the solemnization

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Here I want to emphasize, this blog is NOT a dream of bride-to-be's blog. It is plain boring story of my life since my solemnization just small occasion as mention before. It is just some people keep asking me to share what happened during that day. For more, it is not a crime to keep these memoirs here, right.


Early in the morning, everyone in the house were getting ready for my big day. The catering came around 8am to prepare the tables, foods and all sorts of setting needed. As for me, I had been asked to check each and every single detail for final touch of reservation centerpiece's arrangement, goodies, hantaran and some others. After that, I had been chased away by my BFFs to prepare as a bride. I was like, is it the time now..? So sudden I felt my blood rushed off my face.

Around 11am, the MIS's families and of course with MIS arrived. After some forms checking by MIS and kadi, they called me came down for the ceremony. I said to myself, "Bismillahirahmanirahim, this is the time". All the eyes caught on me since almost all MIS's relatives have not met me yet. Then the kadi began to brief about how to akad and a bit of khutbah given.

Exactly at 11.53 am, I am legally married to MIS =) Alhamdulillah. Then MIS asked a permission to performed prayer with me. That was a first time he act as my Imam. Praised to Allah SWT, Who gave me the opportunity to be MIS's wife and Insya Allah until His Jannah.


That's a bit of the story happened on that day. Insya Allah I will continue for the ring exchange ceremony as Malays call it Majlis membatalkan air sembahyang.

p/s : All the captures during the ceremony are in the video I published before. Check it out.


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