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March 9, 2012

After All...

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Having a mood swing for few days. Those jerks (sorry with the harsh word but it truth) keep making me feel sick. Not about life but sick of that type of people. Well I know there are many of them but please stop being such a hypocrite. Pretending that you are better than other and always talk dirt bout them. Look at yourself first.

Ok I know you are way too perfect. Judging people from their past and not even know the reality, stupid. (Ops again with harsh word). Be mature buddy. Learn to live a life. Not just selfish and keep telling slender bout others. Such a lame behaviour.

Well need to stop or else I'll be one of them too. (stop being sarcasm Niri). Just remember this. Alfitnatu waashadu minalqat. Toddles.

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