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March 13, 2013

Review #8 : Credits

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Alhamdulillah, eventhough it is only four months of us being together, I still can't stop being thankful to all that involves in my solemnization.

Firstly of course our credit goes to our very own family who keep supports our decision to getting married as early as now, still during study. Not forgotten to relatives too.

I would like to thanks to my best friends who always try to be there for me, helps me a lot during the bridezilla mode turn on and not giving up push me above when I'm down.

For more, to my very own cousin cum photographer, Haznuhairi a.k.a Unsight who kept bullying me of course, since you know how I will react towards it, you had captured my precious moments just like I want to. Well, you know me, right.

To the caterer, you guys really make my parents feel very satisfied with your service. Thanks Restoran Tuu Dia Pak Tam. I won't feel hesitate to hire this caterer next time.

Not forgotten, as for dais that my mum requested, it is from Sis Sha (De' Sentuhan Bridal).

Last but not least, to my lovely sister, Kak Noorein (Something Handmade by Nuie) who willing to sponsored me the felt's handbouquet, I am that speechless when she said that because it is handmade by herself. Thanks kak.

To all that involves, again, thank you very much for everything. Til then.

p/s : All the captures during the ceremony are in the video I published before. Check it out.

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