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January 22, 2012

A lesson

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Quite a long day for me today. It's started when ayah kept asking me whether want to follow them to one of our neighbourhood son's wedding. Yes I refused because I'm not really in a good mood due to something happened few days before. Nevermind, just put it aside. After that, mama asked me to accompany her to went to buy some materials to make baju kurung some sort and other stuffs.

Back to the title. Why I say it so..? It is actually what I felt just now. Serve you right, Niri. This will not happen if you start it earlier. If that, you will not face the hard right now. Need to collect it so you won't keep repeat using the same one until it become shabby. What exactly mean by me..? It's about hijab. For anyone who did not know me before, I just wearing hijab for approximate a year++. Ok. I'll stop this right now coz feel want to continue this in further next time.

Til then.

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