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March 5, 2012

Y U No Do It Yourself...

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Haha. Ignore with those type of title. To those who knew it, well phenomenon I guess ;P Ok2. Cut it short Niri. Why actually I pop-up with that? It relate to some of acquaintances. Such a big sigh when I keep thinking about it. Haihz.

To be truth, I'm a type of slow motion person. What people called, lampi. Well I admit it since I know my own self and the reason why I'm like that. I really need double triple times from normal person to understand or doing something like assignment whatsoever. Seriously I'm not lying. Even I failed in some subjects due to it. See. It's proven already. Yet Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT still give me some talents in other field although it is not in academic. Glad that my parents still give me those strength to study. They never judged me but they are the one who always say, just do up to what you can, you will achieve it one day.

So please. If you want any of my works to be done perfectly, give me a cooperation. I need time to get into it. To the one who related with the title, why don't you do it yourself rather than keep depending on me, since you only be my friends if you need something good for you. Such a pretender. Ops sorry with the harsh word but it's truth. Get what I mean ok. People really put efforts on things they do it. So you need too.

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